How to play the Game


The goal of the game is to gather 6 power-gems in the dungeon.
You obtain gems by defeating Monsters or through some magic cards you might have in your possession.

You can play the game with up to 5 other players, but you can also play it solo. The first player who gains 6 gems wins the game!

The 6th gem can only be gained in combat, not through a 'Gain a Gem' card


Every turn, you can move your character into a new room by following one of 4 floors. Every newly discovered room contains a Monster that you must to battle


You and most Monsters start with a strength of 1.

Each gem you gained gives you a +1 bonus to your combat strength.

The strength can also be increased, both for you or the Monster, by using magic cards you receive when starring the match.

Other players can also intervene with their cards. Players in adjacent rooms move to the left floor to indicate that they can iuse their yellow cards in the combat. But there are also Blue cards that cna be played from everywhere, not just form adjacent rooms. See Magic Cards for more details

When you are ready to fight (pressing the 'Fight!'-Button), 6-sided dices are rolled for you and the Monster. The result gets added to your strengths.

You win a combat if your strength is greater than the Monster's strength

When you defeat a Monster, you gain a gem.

When you loose, you need to flee into a known adjacent room.

Magic Cards

When the match starts, you receive 4 cards: 2 blue cards and 2 yellow cards. Blue Cards can be played anytime, anywhere.

The effects of blue cards are permanent.

Yellow cards can only be played during combat, and if you are in or near a combat (eg. a player in an adjacent room).

The effects of yellow cards last only for one combat.

Every card has a description to explain its effect in the game.